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Our Funds

The simplest way to maximize the impact of your donations.

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What are Founders Pledge Funds?
Our pooled philanthropic Funds direct money when and where it's needed most.

Each Fund is strategically focused on a cause area we’ve prioritized through extensive research, allowing you to support the causes you care about while tackling pressing problems.

Why choose a Fund?

Simplify your giving

Delegate decisions to dedicated grant-makers focused on maximizing impact, and access opportunities not available to individual givers. Your donation can power a portfolio of effective organizations and promising solutions. Funds are uniquely able to fill time-sensitive funding gaps, seed new initiatives, co-create and shape programs, and take advantage of innovative funding mechanisms.

How do Funds maximize impact?

  • They direct funds rapidly and reliably to the most effective programs that Founders Pledge consistently recommends, like the Against Malaria Foundation and the Nuclear Threat Initiative's Global Biological Policy and Programs.
  • They grant to urgent and time-sensitive opportunities. The Global Health & Development Fund's grant to the life-saving Kangaroo Mother Care program helped keep the lights on while they sought longer-term funding.
  • They conduct active grant-making, working with organizations to design and execute more complex arrangements that we think are very high-value. Our Climate Change Fund manager worked closely with the Clean Air Task Force to design a large grant that funded the expansion of their innovation advocacy to India and China.
  • They leverage non-fund donations — we sometimes make grants to crowd in additional donations or to signal our confidence to outside donors when we add a new charity to our list.
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The Funds

Funds rapidly distribute money they receive. Every donation gets granted out to recipients, often within the year. Once made, a contribution to a Fund cannot be returned or transferred to another account.

The Funds are not investment vehicles and do not deliver investment returns to donors. The Patient Philanthropy Fund is an investment account, designed for long time horizons, but does not deliver returns to individuals.

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Climate Change

Make meaningful progress against climate change by funding the most effective and neglected solutions.

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Global Catastrophic Risks

Reduce the greatest risks we face, and help protect every human being alive today and in the future.

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Global Health & Development

Help the most vulnerable people around the world who are struggling with disease and poverty.

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Patient Philantrophy

Humanity's emergency fund. Safeguard and benefit our future by investing for the long-term.

Maximize your impact

Contribute to a Fund

Founders Pledge members

You can easily contribute through your Donor Advised Fund (DAF) on our member app. If you don’t have a DAF set up or want to discuss your options, please reach out to your Community Manager.

You can direct any portion of your pledge to Funds; explore how they fit into your giving plans with our Advisors.

Donate on the members app

Not a member?

You can contribute to the Funds through every.org and Giving What We Can, or from any Donor Advised Fund. Please visit each Fund’s page for the exact links.

Fund Management

Our Funds are actively run by dedicated managers who are typically members of the Founders Pledge Research team.

Supporters of the Funds receive regular updates, including news about grants that are made, milestones and goals, and more detailed coverage of the work being done.


Granting decisions are made based on the existing fund balance and availability of high-impact grants. Grant recipients are chosen through careful evaluations, and are based on our research and each Fund’s unique strategy.

  • Founders Pledge conducts original research on charities and cause areas. As full-time researchers, Fund managers know the numbers and evidence inside and out.
  • We build networks in order to understand the philanthropic landscape and integrate ourselves into existing efforts.
  • We consult external advisors, both domain experts and other charity evaluators, to source new opportunities and – just as importantly – to understand how our conclusions match up with the expert consensus on each cause area.

We do not accept grant applications.

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Fund manager portrait
Fund manager portrait
Fund manager portrait
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