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The future is immense
The universe is young. Trillions and quadrillions of people might live in the future, depending on how long humanity exists.

Patient Philanthropy Fund

$2,426,760 (£1,926,000)
Currently invested
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Our objective

Safeguard the future of humanity

A first-of-its-kind philanthropic fund designed for the long-term future.

Humans spend more money on ice cream each year than we do on preventing our own extinction. Toby Ord, The Precipice

How can we collectively grow our resources to support the long-term flourishing of humanity?

Our Patient Philanthropy Fund (PPF) addresses a crucial gap: as a society - from the Global North to the Global South - too little is spent on protecting and benefiting future generations. However, we can positively affect the lives of our descendants, and avoid major catastrophes that could destroy their future.

Think of this as an emergency fund for humanity: a savings pot meant to be dipped into when exceptional opportunities appear and funding is needed most.

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Our Strategy

Taking a patient approach means we aim to identify the point in time when the highest-impact opportunities are available, which may be years, decades, or even centuries ahead.


When an extraordinary time, need, or opportunity arises, we step in to make a grant.

Until those moments arise, each year we will make small grants at less than 1% of the Fund's size to the best available opportunities we are able to find in that year. These small grants will build up our grant-making infrastructure and track record.

Grant decisions will be made by a dedicated management committee, all with a strong network and expertise on how well-timed grant-making can safeguard the future.


As contributions are made, capital is invested for long-term gains, initially in a low-fee Global Stock Index Fund. While the Fund grows, we continue to research future-focused funding opportunities and develop our understanding of the optimal timing of giving for long-term impact.

When the PPF hits $10m, the investment strategy will be updated and expanded to include active and mission-aligned options and additional research partners will be added.

After 10 years or when the balance reaches $100m, the Fund will spin out and become an independent charitable entity. Until then, all operational expenses are covered by Founders Pledge, which means 100% of your contribution is invested and granted out at the point in time when it is needed most.

We accept and review requests for funding. Learn more and apply here.


We're not designed to be a frequent grant-maker; we are primarily an investment account until we reach an extraordinary time and opportunity. Learn more about our strategy above.

September 2023

To help strengthen the knowledge and opportunities around reducing existential risks and protecting the future.

July 2022
Peace and Security Funders Group Executive Director Alex Toma

Funding an expert analysis to help us better understand the changing nuclear funding landscape following MacArthur’s exit.

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Protect the future of humanity

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Our impact

Impact reports

2023 Impact Report

Meet the Management Committee


Eva Vivalt

Eva is an assistant professor of economics at the University of Toronto and senior research affiliate at Oxford’s Global Priorities Institute. Eva co-founded the Social Science Prediction Platform and researches stumbling blocks to evidence-based decision making.


Luke Ding

Luke is a full-time investor and philanthropist focused on effective giving, serving on the board of Founders Pledge and as an advisor to the Effective Altruism Infrastructure Fund. He previously held senior positions at Brevan Howard and Merrill Lynch.


Max Daniel

Max is Senior Program Associate at Open Philanthropy in the Global Catastrophic Risks Capacity Building program. He previously worked in research and management at the Forethought Foundation for Global Priorities Research, the Future of Humanity Institute, and the Center on Long-Term Risk.


Philip Trammell

Philip is a research associate in economics at Oxford’s Global Priorities Institute. His original research on philanthropic timing inspired Founders Pledge’s research into patient philanthropic strategies.


Sjir Hoeijmakers

Sjir is Director of Research at Giving What We Can, having led research and efforts to create the Patient Philanthropy Fund in his previous role as Senior Researcher at Founders Pledge. He also co-founded Effective Altruism Netherlands, where he serves as a trustee.

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