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We're a community of entrepreneurs committed to real change.

Making a pledge to give is just the start of what it means to be a Founders Pledge member. We offer a variety of services, all designed to make giving as easy and impactful as possible, coupled with access to our unique community of peers and experts.

Maximize the impact of your giving

Giving to charity is easy, but giving well is hard. We're here to help. Click on a problem to see how.

“There are 10 million charities in the world. How do I pick the best?"
“I want to see the data to know the impact of my donation.”
“Giving feels like something people do, but don’t talk about.”
“I really care about making a difference, but I have no time to think about charity."

Join an impact-driven community

Our members are entrepreneurs and investors committed to using their wealth to make a positive impact in the world. They are the leaders behind some of today's most successful and innovative companies.

United by a shared drive to solve big problems, they inspire and support one another to achieve meaningful change, no matter where they are on their individual giving journeys.

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The running of my business takes up the vast majority of my time. Philanthropy is hugely important to me, but given the limited number of hours in the day, the ability to call on the experts at Founders Pledge is vital.

Taavet Hinrikus

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Founders Pledge has transformed my outlook on social impact. Their research team has helped me go from a vague idea for my foundation towards a rigorous and evidence-based strategy that will make leaps for the education system.

José Neves

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I was introduced to Founders Pledge months, if not years, ahead of when I might otherwise have begun to think about giving. Working through the various giving decisions would have been infeasible on my own. Having a partner through my first major philanthropic contributions was critical.

Dom Narducci

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Joining Founders Pledge is one way to commit to sharing future success in a thoughtful way. The team does the heavy lifting of how to make your contribution and how to ensure it has a real impact so you can concentrate on building your business.

Christina Sass

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Signing up to Founders Pledge was very real because I was negotiating our sale at the time. I gave it very detailed thought and, frankly, it turned out to be a no brainer. What I have been most impressed by is the connection to like-minded, off-the-chart empathetic, thoughtful and in some cases mind-blowingly bright people.

Alex Depledge

Set a powerful intention

The Pledge

To join Founders Pledge, you commit to donating a portion of your personal proceeds on liquidity to charity, or, if you’re already liquid, a portion of your current wealth.

Ecosystem & accountability

The Pledge is an opportunity to send a powerful signal that giving back should be the norm. It’s also a way of holding your future self accountable to your values. 

Future-proof giving

Impactful giving doesn’t happen overnight. Pledging now ensures you have a trusted partner and guide on your side from the get-go.

Frequently asked questions

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