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Our program of events is full of unique opportunities for Founders Pledge members to forge deep connections, learn together from leading thinkers, and explore how to do good in the world.

Enrich your giving

Engage with the pioneers and new ideas shaping our future, and expand your perspective

Education & Inspiration

Gain tangible insights on how to make a difference across a variety of cause areas

Meaningful Connections

Immerse yourself in a supportive, impact-driven community of like-minded peers from around the world

What types of events do we host?

  • We gather our community of founders and entrepreneurs together throughout the year with regular dinners in private spaces, and larger, more casual meet-ups. Locations vary but most often include San Francisco, New York, London, and Berlin.
  • Further afield, our multi-day retreats provide immersive experiences and the space to engage deeply. Days are balanced between curated activities unique to the location, time to connect meaningfully as a group, speaker and peer-led discussions, and free time to relax. Past retreats were in France, Greece, and Mexico.
  • Our virtual gatherings – including discussions with leading thinkers, research report launches, and educational webinars – allow members across the globe to engage in real time, regardless of geography.
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Programming to empower you

Learn broadly & deeply

We cover a range of topics curated to inform and enrich your giving journey.

  • Dig into the world’s pressing problems and learn how you can most effectively tackle them
  • Investigate the ideas and systems shaping our future
  • Learn from each other and about the approaches behind giving more effectively

We make space for everyone to engage and learn, whether you're brand new to a topic or well-versed in it.

Connect with your peers

Our events are time for members, each on their own personal giving journey, to come together as a community.

  • Members embrace the chance to engage with each other as people: founders with personal goals and motivations, and a shared drive to do good
  • Learn from and with your peers; benefit from each others' giving stories and experiences
  • Build deeper connections in intimate, relaxed environments
Elevate your giving

Our events can inform and shape your giving and expand your perspective.

  • Be introduced to new topics and problems, and continue learning post-event with our research and resources
  • We create a comfortable space for challenging ideas and beliefs, which can lead to a deeper understanding of yourself
  • Discover effective organizations to support when you're giving
Engage with experts

We create space to learn from and connect with experts and leaders in their respective fields. Over the years, this has included:

  • Leading academics and scientists, including Nobel Prize-winning economists Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo to neuroscientist Moran Cerf
  • Thoughtful and challenging voices, including Alain de Botton, journalist Sigal Samuel, and Tim Urban
  • The heads of impactful organizations and projects, including Michael Faye of GiveDirectly, Kevin Conrad of Clean Air Task Force, and many more

What members say

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Founders Pledge has given me a seamless way to solidify my commitment to make an impact on my community whilst connecting me with a great group of civically minded global entrepreneurs. The combination of giving and building community, sets Founders Pledge apart from other ways I've seen to give back.

Beth Steinberg

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At every single event that FP has organised I've either met a super interesting and nice person who also wants to make a positive impact, or I've learned something crucial around the philanthropic sector (often both).

Michael Langguth
Poq Studio

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The Founders Pledge dinners host fascinating speakers that have really opened my eyes to how much good and impact even small efforts can have.

Alex Depledge

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I am a huge fan of the amazing staff team and have formed some lasting connections with other Founders Pledge members through the retreats we have attended.

Justin Hilton
Founder of SafePlace International