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We’re here to help you work through the where, when, and – most important of all – why of your giving. We provide tailored advice and essential resources so first-time and experienced givers alike can become more effective and confident.

Fully bespoke advising

A flexible service aligned with your values and goals, designed for your life

Level up your giving

Comprehensive resources, guidance, and planning to become a more intentional and strategic giver

Zero in on impact

Discover how you can do the most good possible through your charitable donations

Built for you

Your family office for philanthropy

We create a bespoke experience for Founders Pledge members when they’re ready to give. Our Advisors build trusted relationships with you, and together create space to reflect on your values, articulate your worldviews, and discover which problems you want to solve through your giving.

Your goals and needs determine your experience

We’ve designed a flexible offering that adapts to your availability, capacity, and giving stage. Whether you want to expand your knowledge of effective giving, delegate decisions, engage in collaboration and thought partnership, or learn about high-impact funding opportunities, your Advisor will propose the right journey for you.

We know that giving isn't often done alone, and our Advisors are experienced and ready to work with co-decision makers and partners. If you already work with philanthropic advisors, we can partner with them to support you.

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Fully-equipped to give

Our expertise, strategic direction, and ability to translate in-house research into actionable giving decisions will help you become more confident in your giving strategy and expected impact.

Values-aligned giving

Through discussion and exercises, members can explore the values that underpin and shape their worldviews and the causes they care about. We create space to constructively challenge your biases and heuristics, which can probe and encourage you to expand your worldview and, ultimately, articulate your core values.

Read about our approach

Whether you want to dive deeper or begin learning, we’ll provide the appropriate resources to level up your knowledge and inform your decisions. We can explore the principles of effective giving, which you can apply to assess and shape your decisions and ultimately make your donations more effective.

Strategic planning

We encourage members to set giving goals and timelines, and are available to brainstorm strategies and plans to support future giving. We can facilitate the creation of a giving strategy for one-time deployments or develop longer-term and multi-year plans.


We build grant portfolios and giving recommendations, curating the most effective, dynamic, and promising solutions and organizations vetted by our Research team. By working with our Advisors, you can gain unique access to high-impact and time-sensitive funding opportunities in ways that might not be possible on your own.

What members say

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A lot of support is provided in terms of researching the charitable cause and making sure it has real impact. Often you don’t have time as an entrepreneur to really think through not only what cause is most motivational for you to support, but also, whether you can have genuine impact. This has been tremendously helpful to me.

Andrew Fisher

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Without Founders Pledge I would have given the same amount, but have achieved much less. We learned a lot in this process. We discovered new charities but also new problems. [They] helped us look beyond preconceived notions of charity and how to make a difference.

Julien Lemoine

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The Founders Pledge Advisory service gave us a lot of food for thought, opened our eyes to a number of causes, and, more broadly, helped us understand how we should think about maximising the impact of our charitable giving.

Philipp Mohr & Sarah Grogan
Comufy, DataTiger & Within Yoga School

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It's actually so rare for people with resources to have a completely non-agenda-ed space of provocative questions, deep listening and reflection to meaningfully examine their values, purpose and relationship to legacy. [I was introduced] to charities that were effectively scaling work that I felt deep alignment and support for...[my giving evolved] from somewhat random to extremely intentional and strategic.

Justin Hilton
Founder of SafePlace International