The Life You Can Save

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The Life You Can Save (TLYCS) raises funds for high-impact charities working to save and transform lives, create economic opportunities and tackle climate change. They do this by growing a culture of effective giving, primarily through promoting the book The Life You Can Save: Acting Now to End World Poverty through platforms such as social media, news & video.

What is this funding opportunity?

In 2009 the book The Life You Can Save: Acting Now to End World Poverty was published to advance ideas around effective giving. In 2013, the charity The Life You Can Save (TLYCS) was formally launched to promote key ideas in the book. TLYCS now has a team of 14 full-time equivalent staff. TLYCS conducts various activities including: distributing and publicising the book “The Life You Can Save”, providing a pledge mechanism, advising philanthropists, launching funds for specific causes and (most recently) researching which charities to recommend. TLYCS are looking for funding to support various projects designed to reach more donors and raise more funds for high-impact charities.

Why does Founders Pledge recommend funding this work?

TLYCS has a very high (gross) multiplier. We estimate that in 2021 they raised $17 dollars for high-impact charities for every dollar they received. This was achieved by reaching a number of High Net-Worth Individuals and other potential donors at a relatively low cost. Future donations to TLYCS will ultimately support effective charities working to:

  • Reduce the spread of malaria
  • Improve water supplies, sanitation and hygiene
  • Provide critical nutrition to vulnerable populations
  • Reduce CO2 emissions via targeted policy change
  • And much more

What can you do?

We believe that The Life You Can Save is likely to maintain a gross multiplier of ~17x over the next few years. Funding to TLYCS would enable a number of potential projects, such as:

  • Distributing ~100,000 copies of the book The Life You Can Save to citizens across Australia together with partners
  • Creating and distributing engaging and shareable short-form video content with world-class producers
  • Expanding their research and analysis capabilities to other regions of the world where poverty is prevalent