Our impact

We maximize the impact of charitable giving by directing money where it will do the most good.

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We enable Founders Pledge members to give more, and give more effectively.

Moved to the charitable sector

$1.2 b

Granted to charities and funds

$735 m

Donated to high-impact funding opportunities

$232 m

*Last updated July 2024

Doing the most good

We identify high-impact funding opportunities and advise on giving, so that our members can fund the most effective ways to tackle the world's biggest problems.

To date, we’ve facilitated 1,569 grants* to our recommended funding opportunities addressing health crises, climate change, global poverty, and existential risk. Below we shine a spotlight on some of the most effective organizations and examples of their interventions.

*Correct as of July 2024.

Supported Organization

Action for Happiness (AfH)

Granted to date

Intervention & Impact

With grants made in 2020 and 2021 totaling $632,000, AfH promoted their mental health resources – digital training courses, support groups, and educational toolkits – to those most vulnerable during the Covid-19 pandemic. This provided nearly 9,000 people with critical mental health support. Those supported by AfH reported significant positive life changes as a result.*

*Data from AfH.

Why it matters

Mental illness and mental health struggles are a daily reality for millions of people around the world. Covid-19 exacerbated the problem, with 19 million adults in the UK reporting high anxiety levels.*

*Data from ONS.

Impact Reports

Updates on our progress, milestones, and major work from the previous year.

These reports spotlight the achievements of the Founders Pledge community, and our continued commitment to doing the most good possible.

In 2023, we were proud to celebrate:

Pledged to charity by 129 new members

$502 m

Granted to charities and funds

$145 m

Donated to high-impact funding opportunities

$84 m